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Tim Cain is dead

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Tim Cain is dead

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 29 April 2008, 22:24:39

Tags: Fallout 3

... or at least, he is according to Pete Hines' latest interview with EuroGamer:

Eurogamer: What I've never quite understood about Fallout 3 is why would Bethesda buy the licence? Arguably "Bethesda does post-apocalyptic game" is a bigger story than "Bethesda makes Fallout 3". Fallout is a relic to modern gamers. If you'd made your own world, you'd have sidestepped all the stress of dealing with over-protective fans.

Pete Hines: It's like, if George Lucas died tomorrow - God willing, he doesn't - and you're a film director. And you've grown up making big epic films - maybe you're Peter Jackson. And he finishes whatever his big next film is. And someone asks him, "what do you want to do next?" And he says, "I always wanted to make a big space movie. A big epic movie full of action." And they ask, "do you want to do generic space movie that you make up yourself, or do you want to do Star Wars." And he says, "I could do whatever, but I grew up as a kid and Star Wars made me want to get into making movies. It had such a profound impact on me, I would love to pick up this thing I loved and cared so much about and make the next one. And I'm not the guy who did the originals, but it means so much to me, and would mean much more to me to work in this world. It would be easier, perhaps less controversial and less pressure to do my own, but I'd rather do this thing that someone else did so much more."​
I'm just going to quote Brother None from NMA on this one:

That's the fucking worst analogy ever.
  • Tim Cain isn't dead.
  • At least one original Fallout developer applied to Bethesda to work on this game. Not only are they not dead, they offered to work with them. So add to his analogy "Yeah, and if George Lucas asked if he could work on this film, we'd tell him to piss off"
  • If Jackson jumped on Lucas' dead bones people would be fucking outraged, and justifiably so. The Star Wars story is over, Lucas made 6 films and that's the story as he originally envisioned. Who the hell is Jackson to jump into someone else's story?
Mind you if George Lucas hadn't worked on Episodes 1 - 3, they may actually have been decent films.

Read the rest of the interview here, including how Bethesda are "driven by love" (it doesn't state what that love is of, so I'll just go ahead and assume it's the love of money).

Spotted @ NMA

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