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Fallout 3 may have God-awful music and combat

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Fallout 3 may have God-awful music and combat

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 3 May 2008, 06:47:43

Tags: Fallout 3

Briosofreak and his Fallout 3 blog (Briosafreak has a blog, who knew?) are reporting about some French gaming website's review. I can't read French so here's what Brios has to say:

  • Teen age gives you access to a few quests which will have an impact on how you are perceived within the Vault
  • While travelling across the Wasteland, you can come across a few caravans, each heading to precise locations.
  • There are three difficulty levels, as well as an "autolevelling difficulty" mode.
  • A few new weapons : Cryolator allows you to freeze ennemies while you can hypnotize them with your Mesmetron.
  • Also a new perk, Daddy's Little Girl, which gives a Science bonus to female characters.
Later the author of the article went to the Canardplus forum and added his impressions about the music on the Fallout 3 demo, saying it's "a f#&#=*&% catastrophe", with all the "Call of Duty and Wagner" style music replacing Mark Morgan's atmospheric tracks. He also says he is going to "piss on the composers mouth" after hearing that nonsense. Ouch.​
Auto-levelling, hypnotic weapons and being "Daddy's Little Girl" sure sounds like fun! I'm sure we'll all just have to wait and play the game to see for ourselves though.

Be sure to check out Briosafreak's Fallout 3 blog.

UPDATE: Seboss has translated some more sections of the French review for us. Seems the reviewer likes the start of the game but may not like the combat so much. Here's a bit of what Seboss has translated:

While I was expecting an outright treason of the Fallout setting, more because of ineptitude than vice, I have the feeling the game is spot on. The ambiance, scenery and lighting of the Vault seem perfectly faithful to the series, with just the right dose of rust to enhance claustrophobia.


You'll go then from a little flirt with a girl your age through the confrontation with a little bully desiring to strip you from your birthday cake, to a surrealist discussion with a schizophrenic Mr Handy. And there, I feel reassured. The dialogs and the argument with the dumbfuck in the making come right into the series spirit. During your conversation with the little scum, the game offers you ten different dialog options: immediate cowardly capitulation, insult leading to a brawl, lies, [...] spitting on the cake before offering it to him. The list is more than satisfying.


Now here's the point where things get messy. We're going to get onto the thorny problem of the combat. [...] We'll note that the developers repeated ad nauseam that the efficiency of your shots depend on your statistics and that the FPS skills of the player don't have any importance, and that all shots fired in real-time mode will be automatically aimed to the torso. [Here goes a lengthy description of the VATS system]
The idea seems to stand theoretically, but in facts I'm far from convinced. Firstly, during the presentation, either he was wearing a Power Armor and holding a Gatling gun and fighting hordes of super mutants armed with heavy machine guns, bakookas and supersledges or fighting ghouls with a 9mm and wearing just a leather armor, the demonstrator was just standing there, shooting long bursts without using any kind of tactics.
Besides, aimed shots, possible even with a minigun, looked far less effective to me than just "run right next to the baddy and empty my magazine in one burst".​
So there's an upside that maybe Bethesda have finally figured out what dialogue options are however, "'bullet time' death animations are just as pleasant as stuffing rusty nails in your urethra after the third one." and "Another expected shortcoming is the animation quality. The author confirms that they are as stiff and unnatural as ever." Oh and you'll be fighting Orcs rather than actual Super Mutants.

Bethesda... They've come so far, yet have so far left to go. Read more of the translation here. Thanks Seboss!

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