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Gothic 4 screens spotted

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Gothic 4 screens spotted

Game News - posted by Fez on Sat 10 May 2008, 06:07:49

Tags: Gothic 4: Arcania; JoWood Productions

The first batch of screen shots for Gothic 4: Arcania are available on <a href=http://www.crpg.ru/modules.php?op=modload&name=My_eGallery&file=index&do=showgall&gid=455>CRPG.ru[/url]. They aren't the best looking scans but they do give an idea of where the art direction is headed and the kind of locations that will appear in this sequel being developed by Spellbound, the team chosen by JoWood to step into Piranha Bytes' shoes.

Spotted at: RPGDot

Update: Pericle has kindly visited the forums and given us some more (and better-looking) screens and artworks here and here.


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