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Oblivion Faults that Bethesda must correct in Fallout 3

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Oblivion Faults that Bethesda must correct in Fallout 3

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 13 June 2008, 05:38:10

Tags: Fallout 3

GamePlayer has examined the faults in Oblivion that Bethesda must rectify for Fallout 3. Here are some of these faults:

Radiant A.I: This was touted as the best artificial intelligence program ever, and it turned out to be a little bit, well, arse. Demos of the game let us see people live their own virtual lives, retiring at night and reacting to the player’s presence in different ways. Upon the game's release, the reality of Radiant A.I was that it was woefully underdeveloped.

Open World: Oh yes, Oblivion had a friggin’ massive world alright – around 42 square kilometers in fact. Unfortunately, this sense of openness and exploration was a little bit of an illusion. After witnessing the surrounding forests, roaming animals and sequestered fortresses, it became quickly apparent that everything started to repeat itself, ad nauseum. Oh yay, yet another bloody cave system, and then another fort with exactly the same interior. And don’t even get us started on the Oblivion gates... actually, they’re next.​
How funny that all these "faults" were precisely what was praised to high noon when Oblivion was released and yet very few complained about them at the time. Except us of course.

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