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Fallout 3 vs Diablo 3: How sequels should be made

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Fallout 3 vs Diablo 3: How sequels should be made

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 29 June 2008, 03:37:39

Tags: Fallout 3

With the sequel to both Diablo and Fallout now in the works. Somebody decided to compare the creation of the two:

And now we got D3. It looks the same as D2 and D1. Two orbs. Mouse clicking. Iconic classes. It looks gorgeous as well. Using the same isometric (sic) perspective. And from what I can see, people are lapping it up. People are loving it, me included. Why? Well I guess it's reassuring to see a team that is made up of several different members from D2's team (even though it's still Blizzard) behind the steering wheel of this game, and how they managed to make the game be like what Diablo III SHOULD be like, in the hearts of fans and gamers in general.

All of this disturbs me. Why? Because I'm a fan of another franchise. One where action takes a sidestep into turn-based chaos, and dialog, options, different routes, take the center stage. A game whose setting was, and still is, unique.

You may know the series called Fallout. But what the gamewebs and the magazines and the boards are feeding you, isn't what Fallout is. That's a definition I'll leave for the fans of the franchise, known throughout the net as the most rabid fans there are, "glittering gems of hatred" as one has called them.​
One day, you'll be able to apply to Harvard for a Doctorate in Gaming, I'm sure.

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