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Alpha Protocol press conference round-up

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Alpha Protocol press conference round-up

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 5 July 2008, 06:49:17

Tags: Alpha Protocol

Obsidian held a press conference about Alpha Protocol. We weren't invited but here's the round-up from a bunch of different sites. First up, GamaSutra:
Parker admitted that the change from Obsidian's usual fare has been a challenge. "It's been pretty tough for us. Making fantasy games or sci-fi games, you can kind of make whatever you want, and people just buy it, as long as it looks cool. They don't have to be as convincing," he said.

He went on, "When we started making a bunch of realistic stuff, we quickly found out that making realistic stuff is not nearly as easy as making fantasy stuff. And then when you go really, really realistic, people think it's kind of boring. We veered away from that over time - our characters got a little more over the top, to make them more exciting."

Then there's GamePlayer:
There are no set classes to the game, although we understand that there are certain specialisations, possibly used to help you get a better impression of how your skill point allocation is going to affect the way you need to play the game. In allocating skill points to Thorton’s various areas of knowledge, you not only improve his accuracy in firing weapons or speed at hacking computers, but the very way he sees the world around him.

... and finally, there's Kotaku:
Interactions with different characters will influence which factions ally with you and which oppose you - in particular, the team said you can expect your endgame to be heavily influenced by your actions in the game. The conversation wheel, the team said, resembles Mass Effect's a bit, but with less looping back and more of a real-time feel; it's also possible to choose a single "stance" and carry it through all of your interactions.

I choose Jack Bauer style.

Spotted @ RPGdot

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