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PSM3 falls in love with Oblivion with Guns

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PSM3 falls in love with Oblivion with Guns

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 7 July 2008, 08:18:25

Tags: Fallout 3

There are some scans of a PSM3 article up on the N4G forums. It's of their hands on preview of Fallout 3. Here are some choice bits:

In fact, at times it feels exactly like Oblivion in terms of mission structure and the way you navigate the world. We loved Oblivion so we aren't complaining, but if you found Cyrodiil's vast openness daunting or the RPG mechanics too complicated, Fallout 3 might not be the game for you. Especially since the game is ten times as customisable.

Say you have five Action Points, you could fire at their head five times...

We find an old sentry bot lying in a junk pile and manage to activate it, after which it becomes our personal body guard…until a Deatclaw - a monster mutated from a grizzly bear - tears it to pieces, then kills us.

You can create new weapons from scratch by scavenging for parts. For example, find an old leaf blower, combine it with a lawnmower blade and another few items and you create your own portable rocket launcher that’s able to fire any object you see in the world at high speeds; almost like a retro-fit Half-Life gravity gun.

Later, in a moment of madness, we wander into the heart of DC, despite warnings from the developers, and get vaporized by a remote sentry gun and a gang on Enclave soldiers.​
Deathclaws are Grizzly Bears now? And people found Oblivion's mechanics daunting? 12 skills have also been confirmed. Speech is not among them (though apparently, there is an as yet unrevealed 13th skill)...

Small Guns
Big Guns
Energy Weapons
Melee Combat
You can check some more on Brio's Blog.

Thanks Vault Dweller and everyone else in this thread!

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