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Fallout 3 preview OVERLOAD

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Fallout 3 preview OVERLOAD

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 18 July 2008, 15:33:19

Tags: Fallout 3

Just in case everything you've read so far hasn't made you certain about Bethesda's upcoming Fallout 3, here's another 11 previews... First up, AtomicGamer:

Even though Fallout 3 has more action than the turn-based originals or even modern entries in the genre, the RPG elements are still a crucial factor in how encounters in it play out. Those with persuasive skills and perks can gain an edge in some cases by receiving better gear, can avoid difficult fights entirely, and will see a significantly different game than a fully combat-oriented character would. It won't be as entirely different as the vastly unique playstyles that could be employed in the turn-based originals, but it's not that far off, either.​
Arse Technica: All in all, I put about fifty minutes into the game, and it's safe to say that gamers are going to be happy with the newest entry in this classic series.

PSU: I was immediately blown away by how realistic concrete looked, with cracks snaking through the roughly textured surface.[/url]

RPGfan: When I killed the sheriff of Megaton and stole his cowboy hat, the citizens of the city were none too happy with me and began to mob me. I had to flee the city and I lost access to the quests in the city. On the up side, however, I had a cowboy hat.

GamerNode: Judging from what I saw, if you're satisfied with first- or third-person real-time shooting and melee combat, then Fallout 3 has you covered.

FileFront: Fallout 3 makes the transition well but only if you're a fan of the Oblivion style of gaming (which I most definitely am)

GameInformer: Mini nukes and tons of explosions are a fun way to show off the game engine's impressive particle and smoke effects, but they’re understandably off-putting for people who didn't think the first two games were quite so bombastic.

the NextLevel: The feel of the weaponry was solid and the ability to loot every corpse sweetened the deal.

IGNVault: After I had killed the lady I was prompted with an on-screen message telling me that I had lost karma.

20p Gaming: The draw distance in the game is once again incredible however in this build there was some texture pop in. However, much like Oblivion there’s only so much one console can handle.

Some Blog. I got confused. It might be the OC Register going by the big orange banner: After watching the promo for “Fallout 3″ on G4 yesterday, I was less than enthused. It looked a little clunky, to be honest, and it certainly didn’t seem that appealing. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

There's also 1UP's Fallout 3 Gameplay Video and Interview.

Remember, it's not news unless you're drowning in it.

Spotted @ Where else do you think I'd get 11 articles about Fallout?

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