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DivDiv review at Firingsquad

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DivDiv review at Firingsquad

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 7 December 2002, 20:32:24

Tags: Divine Divinity

Firingsquad has posted up their review of Divine Divinity. They like the game, for the most part, faulting things like very little replay value, erratic difficulty level, and too much combat. They did like atmosphere and the humor.

A good story is often crucial to developing a RPG?s atmosphere. Some titles such as Diablo II have very strong, cinematic plots. Unfortunately, in the case of the aforementioned, it feels as though you are merely following along a trail of footsteps, as opposed to taking a direct role in the story?s unfolding. Divine Divinity strays from the norm, immersing the player in a richly medieval world that feels somewhere between Ravenloft and Darklands. When the game begins, your character wakes up in a foreign land with little recollection of past events. The world is an unfriendly place, populated by humans, elves, dwarves, lizardmen, imps, and orcs, as far as the relatively benign folks go. You are thrust into the heart of the community in which you awaken, being charged with exorcising a demon possessing a mage. People are distrustful, and you will find pentagrams, gargoyles, and necromantic and diabolic diagrams scattered about the world. While Diablo II wielded its atmosphere like a club, Divine Divinity takes a more paced approach, slowly immersing you in its world like quicksand.​

Well, at least they acknowledge that Diablo 2 had a story, you just didn't have much more than The Guy Who Kills Stuff role in it.

Also spotted at Blue's News.

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