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Fallout 3 brief, brief glimpse at Voodoo Extreme

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Fallout 3 brief, brief glimpse at Voodoo Extreme

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 21 July 2008, 17:12:32

Tags: Fallout 3

Voodoo Extreme has a really short Fallout 3 Hands On dealie where the author spends about as much time talking about taking stimulants to wake up for the event as he does about the game itself. But hey, there's lots of screenshots and possibly a movie you haven't seen.

The demo started with us leaving the Vault; we just had to press a little button and off we went. As you might imagine, being an underground dweller for most of our life, the glare at first was overwhelming. After we rubbed the bloom from our eyes, we ventured forth into the wasteland to see what sort of trouble we could get into. We only had 30-minutes, so there was a limit to what havoc we could create, but I managed to explore the surrounding area a bit, enter a town, talk to a bunch of NPCs, collect a few new weapons and other items of interest, get a couple quests and of course, kill a bunch of radioactive critters.​
There you go. There's the beefiest piece of meat in the thing. Don't you feel better educated about the game now?

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