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Ultima 6 Project reaches Milestone 5

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Ultima 6 Project reaches Milestone 5

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 23 July 2008, 05:36:00

Tags: Ultima 6 Project

Head on over yonder to RPGWatch to read about the Ultima 6 Project's latest update.

The Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 (M5) release is now available for download. You will find the download links on both the Ultima 6 Project site (http://www.u6project.com/), and on the on the Project Britannia site (http://www.projectbritannia.com/index.php). There will be a new forum on the Project Britannia site specifically for players to discuss M5, give feedback to the team & exchange hints.

Most of the overworld is now complete, with most of it playable and accessible. Ships are available, so you will be able to sail to the islands in Britannia’s world. Since last month’s report, Trinsic, Lycaeum and Serpent's Hold have been completed, and their NPCs have been placed into their towns. You will find new quests to pursue, and have some interesting new areas to explore.​
If you're wondering what the Ultima 6 Project is:

The Ultima 6 Project was formed in 2001 by Sliding Dragon to develop a remake of Origin's Ultima VI: The False Prophet with newer graphics and a more immersive engine. Soon assembled under the banner Archon, the team members, who hail from all over the globe, have set about recreating the world of Britannia, adding an enhanced storyline to bolster intraseries continuity and building on the Ultima legacy in a way that will please fans new and old.​

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