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Fallout 3 perk details, dodgy animations

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Fallout 3 perk details, dodgy animations

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 24 July 2008, 03:15:56

Tags: Fallout 3

WarriorNation have revealed details on some of the perks you'll find in Fallout 3:
  • Daddy's Boy: Gains an additional 5 points in science and medicine skills.
  • Gun Nut: Obsessed with guns; an additional 5 points to the small guns skills and repair skills
  • Intense Training: Add a single point to any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes
  • Lady Killer: 10% damage against female opponents, plus unique dialogue with them as well
  • Little Leaguer: 5 points of melee weapons and 5 points of explosives skill
  • Swift Learner: 10% in total experience points
  • Thief: With each rank of Thief Perk you gain an immediate 5 point bonus to sneak and lock-pick
News Posting +5 points. Dose.ca have this to day:

We couldn't find much to gripe about, especially with so little time playing the game, but one thing that stuck out was the slightly clunky-looking movement of enemies. We squared off against a bunch of "Raiders" and a couple of "Slavers" and all of them loped around rather unrealistically. Maybe it's all the radiation floating around, but they all seemed too fast for humans and bounced about as though they weighed less than a Post-It. If I'm going to be blasting away at these for 100+ hours, I don't want that bugging me the whole time.

Should You Count the Days? Oh my God, yes! Sprawling, action packed, moody, humourous and face-explodingly violent, Fallout 3 will easily vie for Game of the Year honours in 2008. Thankfully it's set for an October 7 release, meaning the several months you'll be indoors playing it and eschewing contact with friends, family and your job, will be all the ones with bad weather.​
... and there's another scathing preview from the French:

Our Vault Dweller does not run, he walks as stiff as a piece of wood. A rigid animation which caracterizes a game which, technically, appeared as rather deceiving. The level of details of the textures clearly reminded us of Oblivion, a trip into the past since much better looking things have been released since. Impossible also not to think of the deception the Fallout fans will feel when they get out of the Vault. They, who will discover a game the general appearance of which has nothing in common with the first two episodes and who will have to adhere to this new vision of the nuclear apocalypse which has more to do with a hesitating cybernetism à la Mad Max. They also who won't be able to ignore so much aliasing and these slavering textures. However, even though Fallout 3 looks rather ugly, you only have to get away from the screen a little bit to seize this impression of greatness and this isolated look on the desolated world which surrounds you. Deception then is partially replaced by a sense of ambition. And what if Fallout 3 under its maybe deceiving appearance really offered the great libertarian, incredibly immersive and open adventure it has always promised?​
If you want to read all the nice previews, go here (where you can also see the first of the new Bethesda Penny Arcade promo comics, once you get passed the stupid age question).

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