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EuroGamer fire Gerry Anderson broadside at Fallout 3

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EuroGamer fire Gerry Anderson broadside at Fallout 3

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 25 July 2008, 16:30:31

Tags: Fallout 3

EuroGamer (seemingly not content with pegging Dragon Age down a notch) have delivered a full broadside at Fallout 3:

Visually, Fallout 3 is unremittingly bleak. So it should be, although you have to wonder if there will be enough variation in this vast wasteland to sustain interest. But let's give Bethesda's artists the benefit of the doubt on that count, because unfortunately the game has much more tangible shortcomings to take them to task on: the flat, sterile lighting, the excessive contrast, the feeble effects (excepting the mini-nuke explosions of wrecked cars' power units) and, worst by far, the hilariously, embarrassingly wooden animation.

This was a weakness of Oblivion's, too, but it's even more jarring in Fallout 3. The game presents itself in the first-person perspective, but you can pull the camera out to quite a distant third-person viewpoint and move it in full 3D. This means you can examine your character's Gerry Anderson jerking and flailing from any angle; we'd recommend you don't. Unfortunately, you can't help but observe the erratic path-finding, motionless trances and limp movements of the few enemies you encounter this early in the game. You simply can't invoke the visual style of an action game and get away with this stuff.

But beyond that, there are simple questions of quality that it's impossible to avoid: characterless art, cold visuals, wonky animation, weak real-time combat, off-kilter writing. As it stands, Fallout 3 just doesn't feel right, and it will leave many players shivering for warmth in its nuclear winter.​
Not to worry, I'm sure they were just infiltrated by NMA and Fallout 3 really is shaping up to be Game of the Year. Honest.

Thunderbirds are go!

Thanks Dandelion!

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