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Divine Divinity is pretty darn good according to RPGWatch

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Divine Divinity is pretty darn good according to RPGWatch

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 25 July 2008, 16:37:09

Tags: Divine Divinity

RPGWatch have taken a look back on Divine Divinity and told you why it's an awesome game and you should totally play it:

One of the quirky 'top whatever' lists that appears every now and then is the list of worst names for video games. And somewhere on every one of those lists is Divine Divinity. Yeah, it IS pretty obvious why.

The game would also appear on another list - if some one could figure out how to name it. That list would be 'best deep role playing game that fans of classic RPG's have ignored because it features action-RPG combat and has a very difficult and long dungeon in the beginning.' So you can see I won't be getting a job naming lists anytime soon. Point is, this is a game that many RPG fans tried the demo and felt it was just yet another Diablo Clone and left it behind. Something about the old saying 'you only get one chance to make a first impression' springs to mind.


I say that they missed out because shortly before entering the last level of that dungeon you come upon a scene that reflects much of what will happen for the rest of the game - an existential discussion between skeletons about what is holding them together and how they can even talk without any connective tissue or lungs. Their self-realization is their demise, and then you return to the massive dungeon. Soon after this, you encounter a section that is typical of the game: scenes and dialog full of humor and pathos, coupled with a frantic and furious battle that will probably take you more than one try to survive.​
Mmmm... Existential.

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