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More French on Fallout 3: It sucks!

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More French on Fallout 3: It sucks!

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 30 July 2008, 03:01:45

Tags: Fallout 3

CanardPlus have a preview of Fallout 3 and apparently it's not good. Here's a snip:

4) Conclusion: Again, it is not easy to get a clear idea of what may Fallout 3 at its output. In the state, the development team still has a sacred ceremony bugs of all kinds to correct. In any case it is sure he did not démarquera by his technique, showing sets empty, accusing an engine dated and poorly operated, the animations "rigor mortis." Secondment from the original gameplay from previous Fallout, bethesda tries to impose it as an action RPG, as Oblivion. I can not guarantee that this will be a good fallout… or even a good game at all.​
You can use google translate to get the rest yourself or read the full translation here.

Thanks NightEye, Seboss and Lonely Vazdru!

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