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GameSpot UK spends a bit more time with Fallout 3

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GameSpot UK spends a bit more time with Fallout 3

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 3 August 2008, 03:07:13

Tags: Fallout 3

Bethesda went to London to plug their game. GameSpot got a bit more time and decided to try out a few new areas. Here's what they found:

As we entered the first town that we could find, we came across a small boy named Bryan Wilks who was trying to find his father. Fallout 3 uses a dialogue system that's based around morality, so you can choose to be sympathetic or dismissive when you come across individuals. We're not usually that friendly toward strangers, but in the interest of seeing some of the side missions, we decided to play nice with the kid and help him find the father. As he went and took refuge in a nearby diner, we pushed on through the town to have a look around.

After searching around, we came across the boy's father, who was unfortunately lying dead on the floor of his house after being attacked by the ants that his son had been so recently been expressing his disapproval of. Sad as it was, the world of Fallout is harshly low on resources, so we had to scavenge what we could from the body and the rest of the house. Although it was obviously of little help to him, he'd stashed plenty of ammunition and a Chinese assault rifle, which was a much better weapon for taking out the remaining fire ants than our standard sidearm. Stocked up, we returned to meet the boy and give him the bad news. We had three responses to choose from: "Bryan, I'm sorry, but your father is dead," "Your father's dead," or "Sorry kid. Your old man is ant food." We decided to switch from good cop to bad cop and go for the last option, which was met with a response of, "You're an a**hole."​
So many different choices to make. Bethesda certainly are showing the real variety you have in dialogue. Read the rest to discover that the voice-acting is apparently good, swearing is in, the fire-ants make nice noises and every town you encounter has tougher enemies than the last town. Also, listening to Billie Holiday is chilling. People who speak Polish might also be interested in the Fallout 3 voice-over competition where "The winner of the contest will voice one of the characters in Fallout 3".

Spotted @ Odin's Playhouse

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