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New Diablo III art director soon

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New Diablo III art director soon

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Fri 8 August 2008, 00:30:47

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III

The old one, Brian Morrisroe, decided to start his own company. They already have a new guy, so don't send your CVs. Here's an indirect quote from Jay Wilson, the lead designer:

(...) Brian is more the person who drove the art style into where it is. But it didn’t really come directly from him. What he brought to the art team was concepts and ideas — the idea of contrast, the idea of using color more, the idea of going for a more stylized look. Because what we were looking at before was more photo-realistic. Really trying to get something that looks like a painting — that was his goal. But the actual result of that came from the art team. And a lot of the environment guys, and some of the texture artists, they’ve all kind of chipped in to try and get the feel of something that was very unique.​

Does this mean a change concerning the game's art direction? Will we have a bright'n'beautiful version for the optimistic Americans, a muted and gritty option for the down to earth Europeans, and of course the anime paradise dungeon for the kinky Japanese? Future will tell.

Thanks, LCJr!

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