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Making Babies in Fallout 3

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Making Babies in Fallout 3

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 9 August 2008, 12:50:15

Tags: Fallout 3

Here are a some interviews with Pete Hines about Fallout 3. First up is Pete's involvement in the makin' babies trailer:

Zungre: Did you have a hand in creating that trailer?

Peter Hines: I did actually. I had this idea and I was talking with Todd and Emil Pagliarulo, who is our lead designer, in his office and I was like, “I want to do our trailer and I want to do a live action thing.” And I talked to the ad firm and they were like, “we love that idea, can you write it up?”​
Then there's AtomicGamers who say:

It seems a lot like quests and dialog are having much more thought put into them this time. We know that the world doesn't have nearly the number of dialog-enabled NPCs in it as the Elder Scrolls games did so you could do much more dialog per character, but is the number of quests lower as well? If so, are the quests deeper than we've seen in past Bethesda games?

I would say they're both deeper and wider, in terms of the number of choices and options you have in approaching a given quest and how you want to handle it, as well as what's there to get to in a quest. How we handle all of those choices you make and have them be meaningful. Handling lots of special situations where you get special dialog options based on certain characteristics your character may or may not have. All of that stems from having a world that is smaller in scope from Oblivion and being able to spend a lot more time on fewer quests.​
Remember kids "deeper and wider", Pete's promised!

Thanks WhiskeyWolf!

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