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Interplay's D&D properties bought by Atari

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Interplay's D&D properties bought by Atari

Company News - posted by Elwro on Sat 9 August 2008, 13:14:43

Tags: Interplay

Yup, Herve continues to successfully convince other people to pay his bills. Read:
Under the terms of the agreement, Atari has agreed to purchase all rights that Interplay had on licensing games based on the Dungeons and Dragons franchise (One of Interplay's most popular games in the 1990s was the D&D themed RPG Baldur's Gate, developed by BioWare). In return, a previous agreement by Interplay to pay a promissory note of $1, 050,000 to Atari was cancelled.
I'm not sure what it means (e.g. I guess this move would be unnecessary if Atari just wanted to make a new Planescape game - and yeah, that's a big and counterfactual 'if'), but I'm sure you'll be the first person to tell me in the comments. Yes, you.

Spotted at: RPGWatch

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