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Alpha Protocol Round Table

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Alpha Protocol Round Table

Interview - posted by baby arm on Tue 9 September 2008, 06:56:40

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian entertained the press earlier this summer with a round table discussion of Alpha Protocol. Part of the Q&A covered why they chose the over-the-shoulder point of view:

Since Alpha Protocol is set in a game universe more common to FPS titles, was there any consideration for developing Alpha Protocol as a first person RPG, similar to Elder of Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as nod to the plot theme?

Chris: We actually looked at making an FPS for a long time. There’s certainly a lot of influence from other FPS games and obviously Oblivion. But we really felt that it was important to see your character because we have a lot of action elements in the game like: jumping, using cover, zip lining, talking to people. And we felt seeing Mike doing those things all the time was really important to feel what he was doing and understanding that interaction in the world. And so ultimately we went with a third person, over-the-shoulder camera.​
And what to expect from the combat:

How twitch-based is the gunplay combat? Is it similar to, say, Splinter Cell where it’s almost FPS, or is it going to be more similar to how Star Wars Galaxies does it, where you click on the target and your stats or skills take over?

Ryan: It is NOT like Star Wars Galaxies. It is very much twitch-based. We wanted to make sure that the player felt like they were involved with the combat as opposed to just their abilities. The abilities in the game basically enhance your shooting ability. Meaning if you have a level ten skill in pistols, you will do more damage with your pistol. So it doesn’t help you with your aim necessarily. You just maybe will get critical shots more often. But if you were level zero and you got a critical shot on a guy you could still kill him. We’re not changing it so that it won’t be fun anymore, but if you can’t aim you’re not going to hit the side of a barn anyway so we don’t have it going for or against you; we just have it enhance your skills. So basically it’s twitch-based.​
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