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Short-term memory loss plagues the Wastelands of Fallout 3

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Short-term memory loss plagues the Wastelands of Fallout 3

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 26 September 2008, 11:53:53

Tags: Fallout 3

In IGN's latest Fallout 3 article, they look at the pros and cons of playing a bad guy. Inside is this juicy tid-bit:

While causing chaos in Megaton, I came across several aspects of the game that make it easier to be nasty. Though you can get in a pinch if you don't save often, I found that there's always a way out of the mess you create in cities. Cause as much havoc as you like, get the sheriff and every citizen chasing you with guns ablaze, and you can pop outside of the town of Megaton and they won't follow you. Wait 24 hours and go back in and the townsfolk will have forgiven (or forgotten) your deeds. This may not be realistic, but if you go on a little killing spree for fun, you can still salvage your game in the long run.​
I guess radiation damaged their brain cells. No, not in the game. I mean at Bethesda. There must be radiation at their HQ somewhere there. Ahhh... The love of choice, without much consequence. At this point I'd like to ask what the nutjob who thought this was a good idea was thinking? If I'm killing the town, I'm killing the town. Why should I get the benefit of short-term memory in my favour? Are gamers really so incapable of living with the consequences of their decisions?

Thanks uhjghvt!

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