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Arx Fatalis review at NetJak

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Arx Fatalis review at NetJak

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 10 December 2002, 22:00:56

Tags: Arx Fatalis

And it's a nice one! NetJak has posted a very comprehensive review of the first person dungeon crawler, Arx Fatalis. Here's a bit of it:

However, the handling of your items is a different story. Normally, you will be in an exploration mode, where the mouse cursor is locked in the middle of the screen and moving it will turn the head of your character. You will move back and forth and sideways using the keyboard. Once you switch to the inventory mode, however, the mouse cursor will become independent and you will be able to move around only with arrow keys. This should not be a problem; I personally prefer an all-keyboard interface, but in this game, the movement through arrow keys is very limited. The sensitivity is so low that turning around tight corners is almost impossible, and fighting is not even possible. This will force you switch back and forth all the time, and since time moves when you are in the inventory mode; sometimes you will be very unpleasantly surprised and promptly killed before being able to close your inventory. Another problem is closely related to the tight story. You will not be able to choose topics to talk about with the people you meet. Instead, whenever you meet somebody important, the game switches to a cut scene, where you can only sit back and listen. This was the only time that I realized how much I was controlled by the developers in this game.​

I lub thuroughness.

Spotted at RPG Dot.

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