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Fallout 3 Preview Bonanza

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Fallout 3 Preview Bonanza

Preview - posted by baby arm on Thu 2 October 2008, 07:19:52

Tags: Fallout 3

With the release of Fallout 3 right around the corner, many of the major sites are struggling to pump out the last round of previews. There's IGN, Crispy Gamer, Kotaku, Joystiq, and Shack News with an interview. From IGN:

At another point I came down off a mountainous ridge and in a clearing found a curious humanoid perched on what looked to be a chair or some kind. I approached and before long he (or she, it was hard to tell) started screaming and sent a pack of giant cockroaches my way. This person was, apparently, some sort of roach king, and happened to have a mini-gun and lots of ammunition, which made dealing with the roaches all the more intense with the sideways rain of bullets. I managed to take out the roaches with a sledgehammer then equip my sniper rifle which, after successfully landing a few headshots, brought my attacker down pretty quickly and gave me access to the minigun.​

Edit: There are more previews to be found at UGO, Giant Bomb, Gamespot, and the previously mentioned Gamespy.

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