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Divinity 2's Psychic Hearts

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Divinity 2's Psychic Hearts

Preview - posted by baby arm on Sat 4 October 2008, 22:18:35

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

Gamespot is on a roll with another big RPG preview, this time for Larian Studios' Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. The article gives a look at the multiple ways quests can be solved, such as through blackmail or mind reading.

Mind reading is one of the most important skills in Divinity 2, and it comes at a cost. During each conversation, you can hit the mind-read button at any time and gather an extra clue, or perhaps learn that the person you're chatting with has sinister motivations. For example, the champion Richard offers you cash to enter the forest and kill goblins. When you read his mind, you learn that he will sell the goblin hearts for three times what he offers to pay you. If you decline his offer, he'll run to the forest to kill the goblins himself. You can accept his offer along with his paltry reward. Or you can take the hearts to Richard's buyer and cut out the middle man, raking in the gold. Mind reading will cost you experience points to use, and conversations that are more crucial to the main quest will cost even more. But with so many solutions, conversation paths, and mind-reading options, it's almost impossible to play the same game of Divinity 2 twice.​
Have to admit, I had little to no interest in Divinity 2 due to not having played Divine Divinity and that whole turning into a dragon thing. But the mind reading ability, and the fact you have to spend experience to use it so it's not a "push button to win" device, adds an intriguing twist. I loved the scrying ability in Undying but was a bit disappointed it had little gameplay impact.
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