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Nothing is being physically taken from Fallout 3

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Nothing is being physically taken from Fallout 3

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 10 October 2008, 03:59:34

Tags: Fallout 3

VideoGamer report that Fallout 3 has been pirated. And it's not the PC version, it's the Xbox 360 version which has been leaked to evil pirating internetz sites and...

It doesn't stop there. One cocky gamer has even gone so far as to post a live streaming video of their first experiences with the game. Presumably they don't have a problem with advertising the fact that they're breaking the law.

We have contacted Bethesda, but so far they've declined to comment on the situation. While we're sure they're not too happy about the leak, they can at least take heart from the positive response most people seem to be giving the game. Early reactions to Fallout 3 have included, "Sweeeeet!" "Yay!" and "I want to **** this game so hard!"​
Hmmmm... Maybe this is Bethesda's new marketing strategy? VideoGamer also spent nine hours with the game to give us their top 10 kick-ass moments:

10. I Heart Megaton
9. Becoming a Home owner
8. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Wasteland
7. Unexpected Gifts
6. Arefu Detour
5. We Are Family
4. How Utterly Captivating!
3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. With Friends Like These...
1. Rise of the Robots​
... which is really just them playing the game and giving their paragraphs witty titles.

Thanks Kharn!

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