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Age of Decadence Journeys Through Zamedi

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Age of Decadence Journeys Through Zamedi

Game News - posted by baby arm on Mon 13 October 2008, 03:54:58

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

Vault Dweller hooked up GameBanshee with a guided tour of Zamedi, one of the locations you'll come across in Age of Decadence

Originally, the only way to get inside was by joining House Aurelian and serving it faithfully. However, even though the tower is not a mandatory location (it's one of the ways to find out something else), I dislike when games tell me that there is only one way of doing something, so we tweaked it, adding two more ways to acquire the "key" either by stealth (insane amount of different checks in text adventure mode - only a master thief can pull it off) or combat (that's a purely hypothetical option because no dude is THAT bad).​
So is it Thursday yet?

Thanks to Jedi_Learner.

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