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Talking back in Diablo 3

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Talking back in Diablo 3

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 17 October 2008, 01:26:21

Tags: Diablo III

Rob Pardo, some dude from Blizzard, spake and did comment at BlizzCon 2008. Here's the talking bit:

When your character talks to an NPC, he or she will actually talk back now. How has that changed the design?

I don't think that system is done yet. That's a system that we've definitely been iterating on quite a bit over the last year or so. We've gone through a lot of different stages with that. We went through a stage where we weren't even using in-game models for the conversation system, we used a system that didn't have your character talking, we have the system now where you go close and see both. That system's definitely still evolving, and it's probably going to evolve for awhile.

One of our goals with Diablo 3 was to really to add a lot more role-playing game feel to it. I think that some of the knock on the previous games is that it's too action based, that you don't get enough story, that you don't have RPG choices. That's something we really want to add to Diablo 3, but we're not going to slow it down. We have to keep it fast paced, we don't want it to be a game where you're slogging it out through dialogue trees. This system is a great example, we're really evolving it a lot to make sure we make the right decision to make the game fast-paced.​
Fast-paced conversations for the win? There's also a hands-on at EuroGamer where they talk about some of the other ways Blizzard are adding in more story to Diablo 3.

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