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Tim Cain spills the beans at Edge Online

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Tim Cain spills the beans at Edge Online

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 25 October 2008, 07:19:53

Tags: Tim Cain

What's Tim Cain Up To? Edge Online asked him:

You’ve released some hardcore PC games in the past. But today, how concerned are you with accessibility and mass market appeal with this unannounced Carbine game that you're working on?

TC: We’re very concerned in making it available to the mass market and trying to design a game that would appeal to casual and hardcore players alike. I think the MMO space is big enough that you can design a game that appeals to both of those groups.

What are your impressions of what you’ve seen of Fallout 3? Do you think that they’re doing that franchise justice?

TC: I do like what I’ve seen about Fallout 3. I’ve talked to those guys at Bethesda about it and they know that it’s their IP now and they’ve gone in a certain direction that I find very intriguing. It’s not necessarily the direction I would have gone, but I can tell you I have my Fallout 3 pre-ordered. I want my life-sized Pip-Boy and I’m going to be all ready to play that at the end of the month.​
Appealing to two types of people is bad Timmy! Decisions like that lead to real-time and turn-based being used in Arcanum and the sucky combat system that resulted. You should be choosing your audience and targeting their nuts off.

Timmy is currently playing Dungeons & Dragons Online and has an active WoW account.

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