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Age of Decadence at No Continues

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Age of Decadence at No Continues

Interview - posted by baby arm on Sat 25 October 2008, 23:56:25

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

Diogo Ribeiro, who was once a cast member on “The Love Boat” if my Portuguese is correct, interviewed Vault Dweller about Age of Decadence, including this bit on the setting:
Vince D. Weller: A fantasy setting with its roots in the ancient history is easier to grasp and to work with. It’s less visually “intensive”, which is always a factor for a small studio with a limited art budget. I would say that our game has very impressive locations and a fascinating selection of weapons and armor, but we used history books, museum displays, and photos of ancient architecture as our concept art. There are some amazing things buried in our history and I think that they are absolutely fantastic. Quoting an article introducing our locations, «you will see a Petra-inspired temple, Kom-Ombo looking ruins, a ziggurat that Bel Marduk would approve of, and a few other interesting places».

Now, doing a deep space, “colony ship RPG” game, for example, would require a lot more. We’d have to get an army of concept artists and spend a lot of time defining what a huge colony ship that would travel more hundreds of years (70’s sci-fi) to a distant star looks like.

As for the last question, our setting has two layers: the past and the present. The present is easy to grasp. What you see is what you pretty much get. The past is trickier. It was much more technologically advanced than the game’s present, but you see everything through the prism of the present’s much reduced knowledge and understanding. That’s a very interesting feature, I think.

Let's hope VD gets that army of concept artists as I'd like to see a sci-fi colony ship RPG (or maybe just a Silent Running RPG/gardening sim).

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