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Fallout 3 Stories and Reviews

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Fallout 3 Stories and Reviews

Review - posted by baby arm on Thu 30 October 2008, 06:45:05

Tags: Fallout 3

Our honored Ubersturmfuhrer Vault Dweller has started chronicling his journey through Fallout 3 in a thread at Iron Tower Forums.

Strength 5, Melee 15. In Fallout 1 that would mean a painful death. In Fallout 3 that means 94% chance to hit in VATS mode.

I run into two armed guards in combat gear. The guards manage to reduce my health from 200 to 141, but die easily. Then I kill more guards. Then I kill the overseer. Then I kill some more guards, leaving a dead vault behind. At lvl 1. Unskilled. Wearing nothing but my vault pajamas.​
Tom Chick's own family-friendly adventures in the "Republic of Dave" can be found at Fidgit.

As I'm leaving, one of Dave's kids is still keeping watch at the gate. Her dialogue options mention each of the adults in turn and how they're dead. She's still keeping watch as I leave. Being evil in a game like this makes you feel like such a jerk. I just wanted to rig the election and be voted President. I just wanted a Republic to call my own, like Dave had. Three wives wouldn't have been a bad deal either. But I got a sweet hunting rifle instead, so there's that.

As I leave this corner of the map, I mentally promise the Republic of Dave that I'll come back another time with a non-evil character.​
For Fallout 3 impressions of a more traditional sort, there's Crispy Gamer ("buy it"), Wired ("8/10"), The Escapist ("Russ Pitts"), GameShark ("B+"), Kotaku ("epic"), GameDaily ("8/10"), Gamers With Jobs ("Dr. Strangelove"), Giant Bomb ("4/5"), VideoGamer ("vast quantities of drugs"), and bit-tech ("9/10").

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