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A Gothic Tale Continues

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A Gothic Tale Continues

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 25 November 2008, 05:01:30

Tags: Gothic 4: Arcania

I'm proud today to continue a long tradition of posting useless teaser websites as news. This time, are you excited about Gothic 4? Well here's a useless website for you.

In other news, JoWood have told Eurogamer that Arcania: A Gothic Tale (Gothic 4) "has yet to be given a release date".

We've also yet to hear much about Arcania: A Gothic Tale, other than that Spellbound - and not series creator Piranha Bytes - will be the developer.​
Spellbound are known for making a bunch of games I've never heard of. Hopefully our German readers will now fill us in on who they are. Though given they've outsourced the Gothic 3 expansion and Gothic 4, maybe Obsidian should put their hands up for Gothic 5? They're good at riding on other people's coat-tails. OHSNAP.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

Derided German Game Developer? CHECK.
Unnecessarily Referenced Obsidian? CHECK.
News post complete.

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