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Fallout 3 may corrupt your child; voice, artist interviews

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Fallout 3 may corrupt your child; voice, artist interviews

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 4 December 2008, 01:36:45

Tags: Fallout 3

In case you're a concerned parent, some hippy religious website has released a score card of evil horrid games that will corrupt your child's fragile little mind. There are two PDF lists. The first is a score-card while the second is the more in-depth on each game (with the score-card at the end).

Mass Effect scores a total of 11 with a whopping 3 (seems to be the highest score) in the Gay / Lesbian column with its "Lesbian Encounters" while Fallout 3 gets 16 because of its Sex, Violence, Language, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. The most evil game is of course, GTA IV coming in with a score of 18.

Sadly, none of those games scored anything in the "Demonic" category.

In related Fallout 3 news, GameSpy have an interview with voice-over artist Wes Johnson:

PF: In the game you make voiceovers for two different characters. How did you prepare both of them, and made sure they would be recognized as completely different personas?

WJ: I actually play a few robots as well as Fawkes and Mr Burke. Mr Burke was the easiest of them all to do, because Emil had written him with me in mind after our work together on Oblivion. He wanted someone who was basically Lucien Lachance’s Dark Brother from another Mother. So I used the sinister, unctuous tones of Lucien, made them more corporate and stripped the very slight accent off of him. They are slightly different voices, but they are enough alike that you will recognize it immediately. Especially Burke’s very first line, which was very Lucien.​
While NMA have an interview up with one of the original creators, Michael Dean the "third artist":

How was it to be a part of the Fallout team?

One of the best teams I've ever worked on. Leonard and Jason were both great leads, and easy to work with. Tim was very good about holding meetings every week to see what we all thought and where we'd like to see the game go. The entire team was at least somewhat (or even heavily) involved with design, which is what I think really gave the game a lot of character. There was very little design-by-numbers and a lot of "hey check this idea out, let's make it work" that went on with all aspects the project. Improvements also happened quickly, as there was little -if any- ego, attitude, or red tape keeping everyone from doing their jobs efficiently.​

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