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Fallout 3: Enjoy boring combat & role-playing without stats

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Fallout 3: Enjoy boring combat & role-playing without stats

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 7 December 2008, 07:18:51

Tags: Fallout 3

Two Fallout 3 reviews up. The first from MTV about its boring combat:

Combat is a central part of “Fallout 3,” and while combat becomes easier and easier as you go on, once you reach level 20, it’s less than irrelevant: it’s just plain boring.

If Bethesda allowed me to earn more specialized perks, it might make combat more compelling — something, anything to make me want to fight, rather than running away. Tracey John suggested switching to a new set of weapons.​
Make the game harder for you in order to find more interest. Up next is a thing at Softpedia:

The big draw to Fallout 3 is, paradoxically, not the fact that it's a Fallout game. To those who really loved the first two titles in the series, Bethesda's game could come across as being untrue to the cannon and the standard of excellence already established. Fallout 3 is great because it shows the modern gamer why the role playing title can be enjoyed without worrying about stats, gear or very long dialog tree.​
Behold the future of gaming, where nothing really matters and thinking is done for you. Why, I hear that in Fallout 4, Bethesda will be removing dialogue altogether and you'll just choose words from a list. What an improvement that would be!

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