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Age of Decadence heading for the Big Leagues

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Age of Decadence heading for the Big Leagues

Game News - posted by baby arm on Fri 12 December 2008, 08:03:43

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

At the Iron Tower Forums, VD revealed that Age of Decadence might be coming to a store shelf near you.

We were contacted by a well known publisher today. The publisher thinks that AoD is a "top-tier" product that simply must be on Gamestop and EB Games shelves across North America.​

Anyway, so far it looks promising. The publisher has accepted our "not negotiable" points (we retain all rights to the setting and future titles based on the AoD world, any DRM decisions should be approved by us, etc). We'll see.​
But they haven't quite put all their eggs in one basket:

We aren't negotiating them with them yet. The marketing value of the game continues to grow; the game is still in development, so it would be pointless to make any kind of deals right now, unless a deal is very, very attractive.

Besides, I want to keep all options open for NA publishers, in case we decide to go with one. The publisher we are talking to right now is interested in NA and worldwide rights. At the moment we have strong interest from Russian, Polish, French, and German publishers, and a number of NA portals, including STEAM.​
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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