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NMA Captures Brian Freyermuth

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NMA Captures Brian Freyermuth

Interview - posted by baby arm on Mon 19 January 2009, 09:38:52

Tags: Fallout

NMA's neverending developer profile series continues with Brian Freyermuth, a member of the original Fallout team.

Were there things that you wished you had added to either of the Fallouts?

One of things that were cut from the original Fallout was the three Raider factions. Originally I came up with three tribes, the Vipers, the Jackals and the Khans. The Vipers were your crazy mystics that worshipped the cobra. Lots of human sacrifices and such. The Jackals were the scavengers of the group, always coming in after things had died and picking the carcass. The Khans were straight out of the Road Warrior, all metal armor and screaming battlecries. In the original design you could actually befriend each, but because each was warring with the other, if you befriended one who would alienate the others. All three tribes were collapsed down into one for budget reasons, but I still think fondly of them.​
Brian also goes on to imply that he might be doing some Fallout 3 modding, which could be interesting. The guy should be due for putting out something awesome since his last two games were FO:BoS and Run Like Hell.
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