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Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 21 January 2009, 05:28:44

Tags: Demigod; Gas Powered Games

Here's one we've been ignoring quite happily for a while. Demigod is a tactical RPG type thing from Gas Powered Games. RPG Vault have been doing regular bits on it:

January 15, 2009 - In development at Gas Powered Games for release next year, Demigod is described as a real-time tactical offering title with extensive role-playing elements. It will cast players as the formidable descendants of a deity whose unexplained disappearance has created the opportunity for one to take his place and attain his even more powerful status. By choosing an Assassin-class character, we can put ourselves in the thick of the title's arena battles. As a General, the experience will be more strategy-oriented; we'll fight, but also build an army, lead it into combat, heal our troops, and weaken those of our enemies.​
Here's a bit from the developer diary:

Players, having chosen a demigod, are then taken by the gods to an arena and matched up against others. Now this is where a lot of the depth of development comes into play because it's not merely a series of one on one matches or purely scripted campaigns. One of the challenges we were looking to overcome is the issue of replayability - we wanted people to be able to play the quests multiple times at the various difficulty levels, and have their experiences be different.​
Doom is different every time I play it because sometimes I use different weapons.

/Obligatory news post to accompany entry into game db.

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