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Religion in games - cliched with under-used potential

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Religion in games - cliched with under-used potential

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 28 January 2009, 01:20:15

Tags: Scars of War

Naked Ninja (who is most likely neither naked nor a Ninja) talks about Religion for his indie game "Scars of War":

The entire interplay of religion and politics alone is greatly fascinating, offering a wealth of options from which to create interesting lore (and plot/quests) in your game. So much missed opportunity there, generally. [...] So, with these concepts in mind, my design philosophy in SoW is the following :

1. No facts. No certainties. Especially not about any One True Path.

For faith to be viable, uncertainty must reign, even if each individual group holds it’s own convictions. Nothing can be clearly provable. Any setting where the Gods regularly pop round for tea is probably going to destroy that uncertainty. Divine events may happen and divine beings may interact with the setting but they must be obscure enough in their dealings and rare enough in occurrence to allow room for interpretation and uncertainty. An earthquake that destroys a rival religion’s main temple may have been triggered by divine wrath or it may have been the shifting of tectonic plates. It can be interpreted either way. But a God appearing at that temple and setting fire to infidels, not so much. Keep things uncertain and you allow for rival viewpoints, conflicts of dogma and interpretation, religious war, etc. Maybe not so fun in real life, but great fun in setting lore. :)
Theres more and he also talks about the cliches used in current games.

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