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RPGWatch give Fallout 3 a second look

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RPGWatch give Fallout 3 a second look

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 28 January 2009, 01:32:13

Tags: Fallout 3

RPGWatch have posted a second look at Fallout 3. This time from Corwin. Here are some snips:

Something else they have never done well is creating living and breathing unique NPC’s. They are improving, but still have a long way to go.
One of the Hallmarks of the original games was the dialogue which was usually clever, witty, sharp and full of often dark, wry humour. Unfortunately, as someone who has played almost all of Bethesda’s games going back to Arena, this too is something they don’t do well.
By now, you’re probably thinking I hated the game, but you’d be very wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was.
The side quests are many and varied, though a large number at their core are of the fed-ex variety.
Sure it has its failings, but overall I had a blast (literally) playing the game. I’m not a big fan of heavy action games, I prefer the tactical opportunities of TB, but I found plenty of chances to use tactics here and the mix of VATS and RT worked for me. If for you it’s not a ‘true’ Fallout game, then my advice is to "get over it" and enjoy it for what it is; a fun, action RPG that has been well designed and implemented within the limitations I have already detailed.​
There's a list of pros and cons along with a second verdict from Dhruin at the bottom. Final score is 4/5.

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