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Operation: Anchorage Released, Reviewed

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Operation: Anchorage Released, Reviewed

Review - posted by baby arm on Wed 28 January 2009, 05:26:47

Tags: Fallout 3

The first DLC for Fallout 3, Operation: Anchorage, is now available for your quick & easy downloading pleasure, as are the first reviews. Eurogamer is first with a 5/10.

I love Fallout 3. I love it to an almost indecent extent. It was far and away my game of 2008, and doesn't look like being knocked out of my personal top spot for a good while yet. But when you sift out its role-play, the ammo-box inspection and the exploration and draft in a fleet of health and ammo regeneration points to compensate... well, affairs just feel shallow and somewhat naked. Hopefully a lesson has been learnt at Bethesda towers. Business as usual next time please.​
Destructoid comes next with a friendlier 8/10.

I'm pleased overall with what has been released. The changes in gameplay are refreshing and the challenge level which results from them make it a satisfying experience. It is not painfully difficult, just pleasantly so, and its running time of roughly three hours is long enough to be enjoyable without becoming monotonous. And some of the gear you acquire for having completed it is pretty damn cool too. If you enjoyed Fallout 3, this is a worthwhile investment.​

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