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Fallout 3 DLC reviews + Lessons

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Fallout 3 DLC reviews + Lessons

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 2 February 2009, 04:14:37

Tags: Fallout 3

MTV Player have more of the lessons Bethesda learned for Fallout 4:

“Greatest lesson? Don’t let the game end, and don’t have a level cap,” said Howard.​
OXM Podcast say the next DLC will be delayed:

It'll probably be early March-ish now.​
... and there are a bunch of reviews out for Operation: Anchorage

As should be expected in a mission simulating a military campaign, there's quite a lot of combat to be had here. Players can expect to be in combat for the vast majority of their time in Operation Anchorage
THE GOOD- Adds a totally new spin to the Fallout 3 formula. Adds new achievements. May attract more fans of action shooters. The level design is gorgeous. Great deal for the price. You get some nice "items" for completing the content.

THE BAD- hmm, Fans of Fallout 3’s RPG gameplay style might feel left out…….
If anything, Operation Anchorage is a good hint of what's to come from Bethesda in future downloadable packs. With the third pack, coming in March, removing the game's ending and allowing players to continue the quest, we look forward to seeing this level of production values added to the game and integrated better with everything our wasteland adventurers have already done.​
In order: 9/10; 9.5/10; 78%. Also: Removing the end = "production values"?

Spotted @ GameBanshee, RPGWatch

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