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Diablo 3 video interview with Leonard Boyarsky

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Diablo 3 video interview with Leonard Boyarsky

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 4 February 2009, 00:59:08

Tags: Diablo III; Leonard Boyarsky

Watch Leonard Boyarsky talk about Diablo 3 or grab the transcript here.

Leonard: The synergy is basically emphasized with more than just one skill. That’s what we are basically doing with the rune system. And basically what it is you get random drops which was kind of like in first Diablo.
Basically what we’re doing with Battle.net we’re trying to make, we’re making - the best online gaming experience.
It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. You can get random adventures as well as random quests. Some of them are very small. You know, you come upon a caravan that’s under attack and you save them. Or don’t save them. You can get quests that maybe chain together that are random. Besides that, you have side quests and story-arc quests and you don’t only get these quests in town. Before it was very split, you get your quests in town and you go out and do them.​
Basically, yeah, you know.

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