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A Taste of Cyclopean

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A Taste of Cyclopean

Development Info - posted by baby arm on Fri 6 February 2009, 07:18:28

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

Iron Tower's second string has put up a sample of the writing and quest design we'll see in the upcoming Cyclopean.

PC Are your men all right back there? Is it necessary to rend the corpse of a witch into pieces?
ENOS. Corpse? But she is not dead.
You look back to see two blades flashing in the moonlight, rising and falling like axes chopping wood. The body beneath is red with cut and gouged flesh, but those cuts do not bleed and however furious the butchers’ swings, no part is separated from the body. Finally, you notice her single, now quite human looking eye. It watches you steadily.
“Turn away,” Enos says. “It is grisly work, and I would not put you out more than we already have. Keep your mind on the path to town and your reward.” Saying this, Enos gently urges you ahead. His voice seems to grow softer. “A reward well earned.”
The soft rasp of metal against a leather sheath is the only warning of a dirk which slips with still less noise between your shoulder blades.
You wake.
[result: lose 4 Sanity]​

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