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Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth v0.105

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Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth v0.105

Development Info - posted by DarkUnderlord on Thu 26 February 2009, 06:15:32

Tags: Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth

If playing early release alpha versions of rogue-likes is your thing, you might want to take a look at Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth:

The game is set in Ikoniel, a unique world designed by Topi Ylinen. For more details on the game world, refer to the files Introduction.rtf and world.txt in the game docs directory.

* Traditional ascii-based bird's-eye view, turn-based engine, keyboard interface
* Build a party of 4 characters
* Easily move your party around (like in a single-character roguelike); use formations to let your strong fighters protect your weak spellcasters
* Over 40 starting classes with different sets of available skills; also a number of starting races with unique strengths and weaknesses
* Skill and level-based character development system: mold your characters by investing stat and skill advancement points, and improve your skills by training
* A complex magic system with 8 Realms of Magic (with elements such as rarity, difficulty, multi-realm spells, race/class restrictions etc.)
* Choose your path: become the champion of virtue with a Good party, or steal and plunder with an Evil party!
* Graduate your characters into awesome advanced classes such as an Archmage, the Grand Inquisitor, or the dread Harbinger of the Night
* Loose, non-linear plot; quests with random elements - quests can have different endings resulting in different storylines
* Explore an immense (and expanding) fantasy world, different locations with different landscape, different monsters, different NPCs, different objects, different quests etc.
* Different starting locations for the different PC races
* Freeware!​
Version 0.105 has just been released to the public at large.

Thanks getter77!

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