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Arx Fatalis Reviews at PCGameworld and Pixel Rage

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Arx Fatalis Reviews at PCGameworld and Pixel Rage

Review - posted by Mistress on Mon 16 December 2002, 17:36:48

Tags: Arx Fatalis

PCGameworld and Pixel Rage have posted reviews of Arx Fatalis. PCGameworld rated it a whopping 92% while Pixel Rage were a little less enthused, giving it a 79.

Read the PCGameworld Review here.

"One learns almost immediately that this game is very non-linear in its methodology. Don’t be surprised to find your path leading you through endless corridors and cavernous pits straight into a dead end."​
I just love it when that happens, don't you?

Read Pixel Rage's review here.

"Although the game has potential, gameplay is ruined by the presence of bugs and glitches, with the word "presence" being an euphemism because problems arise when least expected. Beta testers obviously overlooked floating NPC's, corrupted save-files or random operating system crashes, not to mention poor path-finding routines. Another low for the game is the weird way quests are conceived. You'll sometimes have to wander around looking for various objects hidden in the darkest corners, or find yourself groping about with no clue about what is to be done next and trying al sorts of things just to see if you can advance somehow. Sheesh..."​
Sorry, the bit about groping around without a clue just made me chuckle.

Spotted this over at Blue's

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