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Scars of War getting all pretty now

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Scars of War getting all pretty now

Game News - posted by Monolith on Tue 10 March 2009, 22:05:12

Tags: Scars of War

Gareth Fouche (or Naked Ninja as he's called in more civilized parts) expanded his one-man team by adding Zach, "skilled artist and talented illustrator".

Ladies, gents, join me in welcoming the newest (and only other) member of “Team SoW”. Zach, aka Collywobbles. Zach is a skilled artist and talented illustrator, his official title in the team is “El Artiste Numero Uno”, or Art Director.

We both agree that collaboration over the course of development is better than me simply purchasing a few illustrations. So Zach’s role in SoW covers all things artistic, with his help the game will be that much more thematic, artistically consistent and visually rich. From guis and modeling to character concepts and the slideshows I am using instead of cutscenes, Zach will be working closely with me to develop all of these. After some lengthy, cut-throat negotiations, I wrangled Zach into agreeing to work for moldy crusts of bread and all the floggings he desires.​
Good news if you ask me. Not only does "artistically consistent" sound great, but this can actually speed up the development of Scars of War a bit. Anyway, with such a whopping team to organize Naked Ninja should think about getting some sort of Division Operations Manager now - or however those fancy, high positions are called.

Here's Zach's blog so you can have a taste of his skills.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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