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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 - the Curtain Remembers

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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 - the Curtain Remembers

Development Info - posted by baby arm on Thu 12 March 2009, 05:55:23

Tags: Interplay

The design doc for the aborted-soon-after-conception Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 has been leaked over at Game of the Art. Brian Freyermuth, better known to millions as "that guy from Fallout with really bad taste in music", penned the doc and seemed to have very high hopes for the game.
So how do the different characters and their skills make the gameplay vary? Harkening back to the original Fallout, FBOS 2 will have a quest structure that is directly related to two things: The Player's Skills and the Player's Reputation. Do you want to play the game as a smeaky assassin who doesn't care about morals? The quest structure will let you. Do you want to play the lone hero, always saving the innocent and the weak? You can do that, too.

What the player does in the game will affect what happens later on. Remember all those puppies you shot down in Lubbock? Well, the Lawmen in Lone Star will remember and react accordingly. Not only that, but if your reputation gets low enough, you'll get lucrative side quests from the dregs of society. Quests those do-gooders wouldn't even touch.

And the same goes for the other end. If you're known for helping old ladies across the street, then even the Lawmen will have some jobs for you.

While the main quest stays linear, what you do to get to the end is entirely up to you.

This all sounds very familiar for some reason...
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