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Josh Sawyer on CRPG Design

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Josh Sawyer on CRPG Design

Editorial - posted by Mistress on Mon 16 December 2002, 22:47:13

Tags: Josh Sawyer

Josh Sawyer of Black Isle Studios has given us the next installment in our series of developer articles on CRPG design and development.

"A lot of users can't adequately describe why they like certain games -- or even why they like certain features of games. While it's certainly true that developers can listen too much to users, there's a frightening tendency for developers to respond to this deluge of opinion by simply ignoring the users. I think that the best thing to do is to listen to the users, but really examine the source of their praise and their criticism. Beyond that, it is very important to notice patterns and look at what goes unmentioned. Of course, user opinions on message boards shouldn't serve as a democratic republic for approving game design choices; quite frequently, the majority can have really bad ideas. Hear what people have to say, but do what you believe to be best after all is heard and honestly considered."

Thanks Josh!

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