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Age of Decadence - Big in France

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Age of Decadence - Big in France

Interview - posted by baby arm on Mon 30 March 2009, 09:17:36

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

The worldwide reach of Age of Decadence has extended across the Atlantic to French publication IG Magazine. Readers less familiar with the language of Love can grab an English translation of the interview at Iron Tower Forums.

RT combat is “combat simplified”. It fits perfectly into the “even a 10 year old should be able to beat the game easily” mentality championed by publishers. TB combat is a “chess party”. It’s about taking your time to consider different tactics and go over all available options. If done right, TB combat is about presenting the player with a combat puzzle and giving him a wide range of tools to try to come up with solutions that may work.

Here is an example:

I’ve decided to replay excellent Realms of Arkania: Star Trail. I made a party of different characters and went adventuring. A few minutes after I left the starting town a text message popped up informing me that five orcs are attacking a priestess who wouldn’t mind some help. Five orcs? Hah! They’ve gotta be kidding me. Must be a tutorial. I have six capable party members. We should be able to stop at least two orcish armies and maybe even invade a small country. I join the battle feeling bad about ganging up on poor orcs like that. Five minutes later my party is dead. Dead. Orcs 6, me 0. That’s turn-based combat in a nutshell. You either think and plan carefully or you are dead.

AoD combat system offers a lot of different attacks and options: aimed, normal, fast, power, special attacks plus throwing nets to entangle your opponents, acid to burn through armor, rare neurostimulants, liquid fire, black powder bombs, etc. Fights are hard and are not designed to make sure that you win (in fact, they are often designed to put you back into your place), so you’d need the turn-based system to have a fighting chance.​
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