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Good Old Games

Win free games from GoG with your Fallout knowledge

Win free games from GoG with your Fallout knowledge

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 25 April 2009, 04:32:39

Tags: Fallout

Continuing their Fallout week promotion, Good Old Games are now offering you the chance to win free games:

Fallout contest: Find these items: In this contest your task is to tell us where you can find these items: Urn (Fallout 1) and Small Statuette (Fallout 2).

Fallout contest: Who said that: Attached to this post you'll find a fragment of a conversation. Your task is to tell us who said that.

Fallout contest: Special Encounters: Attached to this post you'll find two screenshots of special encounters in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Your task is to tell us what pop culture references are represented on those screenshots.

Fallout collection lottery.​
Check the links for more details. They've also put up the second part of their retrospective:

War. War never changes. Game design, however, is an industry in constant fluctuation. The success of the original Fallout dictated that Black Isle Studios and Interplay craft a riveting and worthy follow-up. Such suffocating pressure brought about a reshaped development team that saw many familiar faces leave the figurative Vault in pursuit of other goals. Fallout designer Tim Cain was one of the first to move on.
"A lack of editorial and visionary oversight hurt the game's tone, although not the game's mechanics or the amount of fun stuff you could do," Avellone says. "The game was moving very, very fast."
Fallout 2's development also contained its fair share of snafus that, despite the hectic pace of the schedule, made for fond recollections. "Ron Perlman threatened to kill me for how I wrote the end-game narrative text," Avellone says, grinning. "It had some pretty horrible lines for any voice actor to try and say. I wasn't there at the session, but the audio producer brought in mp3s of Ron Perlman threatening to kill me, my family, and I believe my dog, even though I don't have a dog. It was pretty scary.​
If only those mp3's still existed.

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