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More Mysteries of Westgate reviews

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More Mysteries of Westgate reviews

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 3 May 2009, 04:15:33

Tags: Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate

Starting off with
A high point is that many of the battles are challenging, and fun. Even experienced players may be in for a few surprises when they undertake a new battle for the first time. Even when you get the idea of it, you often still need to be careful and thorough after a reload. The opponents you face are variegated, yet integral to the storyline.
Another thing that I could live with, but that could have been improved, was to tie up certain loose ends. The story is overall very satisfying, but there was the odd place where I was left wondering why this character did what he did, why another character ended up in the place or in this fate, and so on.
Despite these criticisms, Mysteries of Westgate is still a joy to play.

... and now for GameBanshee's:
The thing about Mysteries of Westgate, even beyond the campaign structure, is that Ossian Studios just made all sorts of poor decisions. Besides the companions and the dark setting, the voice acting is a little iffy (the actors often read their lines instead of acting them, and only about a quarter of the lines even get voice-overs), it’s almost impossible to do any enchanting (the campaign uses the original enchanting system, but it includes almost no essences), and, surprisingly, the campaign is reasonably linear (each time you complete a main quest, you open up 2-3 side quests, and so the campaign proceeds in steps).
Overall, I’d say that Mysteries of Westgate is more disappointing and frustrating than it is bad. The content all works, it’s reasonably well written, and it has a friendly price point ($10), so there are worse ways you could spend your time and money. If you liked Storm of Zehir, then you’ll probably like Mysteries of Westgate as well. But if your preferences are like mine and lean more towards Mask of the Betrayer, then you might want to skip Mysteries of Westgate altogether.

8 stars from Sorcerers, 6.8 stars from GameBanshee.

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